Season 2 of Crash Team Rumble's ongoing service offering is now live, and players invested in the raucous multiplayer offering have a decent piece of additional content to bite into. There are five new mini-games to try out, two new maps to tear apart, a cooperative Party Mode, and Spyro 2's infamous antagonist, Ripto, joins the fray.

Releasing earlier in the year, there was almost immediate concern about Crash Team Rumble's playerbase, which can be a tricky thing to judge using the tools we have to hand. Around a week after launch, less than 20 people were viewing streams of the game on Twitch. At the time of this writing, there are just shy of 80 people watching, which suggests explosive growth! Obviously, that doesn't seem like much, but publisher Activision is undoubtedly privy to analytics we aren't and unlikely to support something without some sort of future.

It's worth remembering that Crash Team Rumble is not a free-to-play title and retails at $29.99 USD or £23.96. It managed to chart in select markets, so it may have made enough on the front end to justify continued support.

Are you still playing Crash Team Rumble? Do you feel like it has legs, and are you enjoying the game? What do you think of Season 2's offerings? Unleash Ripto's endless rage in the comments section below.