Like a Dragon Baka Mitai Live

File this one under 'Sh*t We Love to See': the man behind Kazuma Kiryu's Japanese voice got up on stage at Tokyo Game Show and performed a live cover of Baka Mitai. Takaya Kuroda, who's been voicing Kiryu since the PS2 days of Yakuza, put in a belter of a performance which appeared to have just about everyone up on their feet and singing along.

The footage was posted on RGG Studio's Japanese Twitter account, and features various presenters and development team members dancing away in the background. Lovely stuff.

For those out of the loop, Baka Mitai — 'I've Been a Fool' in English — is a song that Kiryu can sing at karaoke bars in multiple Like a Dragon titles. It's a melancholy tune tinged with a touch of hopefulness, and the in-game cinematics typically show Kiryu thinking back to a character or event with a tear in his eye (and a drink in his hand).

The track caught on several years ago when the series really exploded in terms of western popularity, and it's been the subject of many an internet meme ever since. It's often used as backing music in videos where something goes wrong, in a acceptably sad kind of way.

What do you make of Kuroda's performance? Feel free to sing along in the comments section below.