While most Baldur's Gate 3 players are still blissfully making their way through Larian's lavish and expansive world, others are taking it upon themselves to do the essential work of memeing its memorable cast of characters.

Case in point: Vtuber Sho-VT went to the wonderful effort of corralling the game's core cast of Origin characters, giving them a retro intro in the style of the hit NBC sitcom Friends. It works better than you might expect and quickly went viral, driven by Sho-VT's editing prowess, the catchiness of that damn song (by The Rembrandts), and the enduring legacy of Chandler Bing, specifically. Even Larian Studios' official Twitter account got in on the fun.

What do you think of this colourful look at the often grim interactions between Baldur's Gate 3's cast of Origin Characters? How are your own adventures progressing, and have you made it to the Gate yet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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