DECAPOLICE, the really cool looking detective RPG that was announced for PS5 and PS4 back in February, will have a relatively big role to play at Tokyo Game Show 2023. Developer Level-5 has announced its games lineup for the event — which takes place from the 21st September — and DECAPOLICE is basically the headline act.

The stylish title will be playable on the show floor, and it's getting its own live broadcast. We would assume more info on the game's release date will be shared during said broadcast, because as far as we know, DECAPOLICE is still targeting a 2023 window. Let's be honest though, it wouldn't come as much of a surprise if it does get delayed into 2024.

Level-5 will also be bringing Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road and Megaton Musashi: Wired (both upcoming PS5 and PS4 games) to TGS this year. Hopefully it's a good showing for the once troubled Japanese company.

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