Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is a bold 3D platformer that purports to stand on the shoulders of giants, with the developer citing Italian plumbers, blue hedgehogs, and wild bandicoots as influences. The twist is you play as BOB, a bouncy hero embarking on a full-bodied adventure across semi-historical worlds. A PS5 version is in the works but will follow at a later date.

From worlds full of Vikings and astronauts, pirates and samurai, this one's something of an oddball. But for players looking for a well-rounded, less all-consuming experience, there's enough on offer here to get you to slow your roll. You can play solo, in split-screen, or with up to four players online, taking command of various balls with flags on them.

With destructible open-world environments, customisable balls, and the allure of a content-packed collect-a-thon, this surprisingly well-received title first launched into Early Access on PC and will bounce onto PS4 on 5th October in its final form.

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