The Foglands was announced back in February as a PSVR2 title. It's a rogue-lite FPS that looks pretty promising from what little has been shown so far. It finally has a launch date, releasing on 31st October 2023. And there's even better news — it no longer requires the headset.

Yes, you'll be able to play The Foglands in PSVR2 or, if you prefer, on your TV with PS5. Either way, the game's spooky action continues to look like solid fun in the new trailer above. Playing as a Runner, it's your job to fend off the creatures emerging from the Fog on ever-shifting runs. Between bouts, you'll acquire upgrades and boosts to make you a little bit stronger each time you return.

With new details on the PS Blog, it sounds like your typical rogue-lite adventure — you explore each stage and look for loot, fight baddies with a mix of shooting and melee, and upgrade yourself with new abilities. If executed well, it should be a lot of fun.

What do you think of The Foglands? Will you be playing it come Halloween? Tell us in the comments section below.