PS Store Rating System 1

Product pages on the PS Store have been given a refresh as Sony has implemented a new five-star rating system users can engage with. It's not entirely clear when this feature went live as it's only been spotted in the past 12 hours, but you can now attach a rating to the PS5, PS4 games you own.

To do so, you can head into the PS Store and select "View Product". From there, the game's current rating should appear beneath the logo, and you can select it to gain more information. The next screen reveals exactly how many ratings the title in question has received as well as a percentage breakdown of how many people voted for each score. You're only able to leave a rating for games you have purchased, downloaded, or added to your library.

The example above focuses on Cyberpunk 2077, revealing the RPG has so far received an overall rating of 3.79 from 37,000 users. Another is Resident Evil 4, which sits on 4.7. 84 per cent of voters awarded it five stars, and just three per cent handed it a single star.

PS Store Rating System 4

A neat little addition indeed, but will you be plugging ratings into the PS Store? Let us know in the comments below.