Immortals of Aveum PS5

Almost half of the entire workforce at Ascendant Studios has been laid off as a result of poor sales for its magical FPS Immortals of Aveum. Speaking to Polygon, three employees at the developer said "nearly half of its staff" was let go on Thursday, with bad sales of the game cited as one reason why. Sources claimed around 40 people were laid off from a studio that had 80 to 100 employees.

While the EA Originals label has made the likes of A Way Out, It Takes Two, and Lost in Random a success, Immortals of Aveum was continually met with muted interest in the lead-up to its August 2023 release across current-gen boxes and PC. And when it did hit store shelves, enthusiasm among critics was not much to shout about, landing on a stiff Metacritic rating of 70. Given the fact it released under the EA Originals branding, Immortals of Aveum will eventually make its way to EA Play.

Founder and CEO Bret Robbins added: "This was a painfully difficult, but necessary decision that was not made lightly; nevertheless, we have to make this adjustment now that Immortals of Aveum has shipped. We are supporting those affected in every way we can, including comprehensive severance packages and job placement assistance, as well as support services for those who remain."

In our Immortals of Aveum PS5 review, we handed the FPS a 6/10 rating and shared praise for its semi-open world and satisfying shooting. "It's a good first effort from Ascendant Studios, and the potential is absolutely there, but there's a feeling that the team bit off a little more than it could chew." It's hoped those who have unfortunately been let go find employment elsewhere in the near future.