Likely to fuel many future night terrors, Smalland: Survive the Wilds is a multiplayer open world survival game on a minuscule scale. It supports up to 10 players and could be lurking behind your PS5 from 7th December.

Now that the Giants are gone, after centuries of living underground, the Smallfolk have emerged from their burrows to reclaim the Overland, by force if necessary. Players must fight tooth and claw to carve out a foothold in this dangerous world, crafting the equipment required to master the many monsters that call it home.

Key Features

  • A huge open sandbox world to explore from a tiny perspective.
  • Survive alone or work together with up to 10 players.
  • Tame and mount insects, spiders, birds and more in order to travel further and faster.
  • Explore at ground level or take to the skies.
  • Build your perfect Great Tree base that travels with you to new servers.
  • Discover Smallfolk lore through narrative quests and NPC encounters.
  • Dynamic weather and random events organically create a living environment.
  • Player upgrades and customization, warrior or builder—the choice is yours.

What do you think of Smalland: Survive the Wild? Does it look like a fun time with friends or a trauma that never ends? Let us know what you're afraid of in the comments section below.