Cuphead PS4

An anniversary update will be available for Cuphead later today, but your PS4 version of the game won't be downloading it. StudioMDHR has dedicated its latest slice of content to the Xbox community — describing it as a "love letter" — since it was the first to play the game upon its original launch. Cuphead was ported to PS4 roughly three years later in July of 2020 but its DLC The Delicious Last Course arrived day and date with other platforms.

Luckily for those who played the brutal side-scroller on PS4, the new content isn't really substantial. The update adds a new menu that includes an art gallery, music player, and behind-the-scenes clips for free. "This content will include over 100 hi-res photos extracted from the MDHR archives, showing off never-before-seen concepts and unused art pieces, and the entire Cuphead soundtrack," an Xbox Wire post reveals.

Co-director Chad Moldenhauer explained: "When it comes to the kindness and support the Xbox community has shown us all these years – all the way back to the very first teasers and snippets of Cuphead – no amount of thanks feels like enough. We really consider this update just a small token of our immense gratitude, and hope that everyone enjoys it as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together!"

We praised Cuphead for its beautiful visuals, banging soundtrack, and varied boss fights in a Cuphead PS4 review from July 2020. "For every time you might be frustrated by a tough section, you'll be delighted by some wonderful animation or new attack." How do you react to this decision? Share your thoughts in the comments below.