PS Store Sale Sony PS5 PS4 PlayStation 1

A massive new PS Store sale spanning over 1,500 items is live around the world right now, with the focus on extended play. The emphasis appears to be on Digital Deluxe and Ultimate Editions of popular titles – so, in other words, you’re getting the most comprehensive bundles of fairly big games at a discounted rate.

Some examples include Injustice 2’s Legendary Edition for just £5.27/$5.99, Borderlands 3’s Ultimate Edition for £25.49/$29.99, and Dragon Ball Z Kakarot’s Deluxe Edition for £19.99/$19.54. Some other highlights include Titanfall 2’s Ultimate Edition for £6.24/$7.49 (this game is enjoying a resurgence in popularity of late) and Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ Year 2 Gold Edition for £10.99 (oddly, there’s no US discount just yet).

In some cases we’re talking about savings of up to 80 per cent here, so if you’ve been in the market for any of these games, then we’d strongly recommend pulling the trigger. It’s not all bundles, too: the base version of Riders Republic can be yours for just £8.74/$9.99 as part of this sale, which is a record low for the extreme sports release.