Terraformers is a strategy game about surviving Mars, where players must create a colony capable of surviving on the inhospitable Red Planet. Released back on PC in March, it currently enjoys Very Positive reviews on Steam, and it's out now on PS5 and PS4.

Mars reacts to your terraforming efforts, which is quite cool to see in action. Balancing an economy along with the needs of colonists provides the tension, and advances in technology give players something to work towards. Eventually, the moons surrounding the planet can be colonized, offering a fresh perspective on your achievements.

We see a bit of RimWorld here, with a dash of Frostpunk thrown in for good measure, which is an excellent place to start. As is unfortunately always the case, controller implementation on PlayStation is make-or-break for a title like this, but it at least looks simple enough, so colour us intrigued.

What do you think of Terraformers? When do you think humans actually get to the Red Planet? Blast off into the comments section below.

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