The original Lords of the Fallen was a just-okay action RPG that didn't quite capture the magic of FromSoft's Dark Souls series. Now, nearly a decade later, its sequel of the same name is looking like a much more exciting prospect. The new Lords of the Fallen has gone gold, launching on 13th October, and it looks highly promising in this new overview video.

It provides a broad-strokes look at the game, detailing the setting and its lore before showing its real trump card: a dual-world system, whereby you can traverse the lands of the living and the dead. If you die, you'll get a second chance to get your revenge, and a special lantern allows you to swap between the realms basically whenever you want.

Visually it's certainly a looker, and the melee and magical attacks both look like strong choices for your custom character. Having played the opening three hours earlier this year, we have high hopes for this one. Only a couple of weeks to go.

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