Last year, publisher Playtonic Friends and developer MegaWobble introduced the world to Lil Gator Game, a small, cutesy action adventure that captured hearts on PC and Switch. Now, according to Gematsu, the game is heading to PS5 and PS4, arriving on 26th September, 2023. We've embedded the trailer from the title's original launch to give you the gist.

Playing as, you guessed it, a lil gator, you venture out into an open world island to simply have some fun. It's a sort of collectathon platformer in which you complete various objectives for your pals, with some very light combat thrown in for good measure. You're free to wander around as you see fit, taking on little tasks such as skipping stones and chatting to the island's inhabitants. Our sister site Nintendo Life loved this one, describing it as "wonderfully charming from start to finish" in an 8/10 review.

It's now available to wishlist on PS Store. Will you be taking a look at Lil Gator Game? Tell us in the comments section below.