Project L PS5

Officially, in-development fighting game Project L hasn't been confirmed for a console release, but a social media mishap may have just outed the title for PS5. The PlayStation Europe Twitter account seemingly meant to post about Street Fighter 6 features — which is weirdly timed to begin with — but the tweet includes what is clearly footage taken from Project L, complete with a PEGI rating logo in the bottom left. As such, we assume the footage is taken from some kind of trailer or gameplay video.

Project L PS5 Tweet

If you don't already know, Project L is a two-on-two fighter based on the uber popular League of Legends. It's been in the works for years now, and has looked increasingly impressive in recent showings.

It seems as though an announcement is incoming, then. Have you been keeping up with Project L? Reveal your secret addiction to League of Legends in the comments section below.