Tekken Ball Tekken 8

If you were one of the millions of Tekken 3 players back in the 90s, then you'll probably have fond memories of Tekken Ball — a mode that saw two characters use their regular moves smack a beach ball at one another in the hopes of scoring a KO. A truly beloved activity, but one that would never return in any future Tekken title (aside from Tekken Tag 2 on the Wii U, which is some serious monkey paw stuff).

We're incredibly happy to report, then, that Tekken Ball will return in Tekken 8. The reveal, which has us grinning like idiots, was made on the Japanese PlayStation Blog, which explains that the mode will be fully playable (and somewhat reimagined) in the upcoming sequel. It's also confirmed that Tekken Ball can be played online or offline, and against the CPU. What more could you possibly want?

Do you remember Tekken Ball? Are you ready to return to the beach in Tekken 8? Hit that thing as hard as you can in the comments section below.

[source blog.ja.playstation.com]