PS Plus Xbox Game Pass Push Square

New fiscal results belonging to indie publisher Devolver Digital have revealed the company is beginning to reject deals from Sony and Microsoft to put titles on Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus. Building on reports of subscription fatigue where consumer spending is concerned, Devolver Digital claims it has turned down multiple proposals from platform holders as the offers "undervalued the titles' value and revenue opportunities in 2023 and 2024".

The move has resulted in lower revenue streams from subscription services, although the company is expected to get back on track as a whole next year as many of its high-profile titles have been delayed into 2024. This was done to ensure they "have the time, effort and support to succeed" — one of which is the promising indie game The Plucky Squire.

Its decision to turn down PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass deals most likely pertains to getting those titles on subscription services on the same day they release, meaning the door is still open to Devolver Digital games becoming part of a membership further down the line. For example, PS Plus Extra currently grants access to PS5, PS4 titles like The Messenger, Inscryption, Observation, The Talos Principle, and My Friend Pedro. However, it doesn't sound like Baby Steps, The Talos Principle II, or Wizard with a Gun will join them at release.

Speaking to, technology and video gaming analyst Patrick O'Donnell said: "The cheques coming from Sony and Microsoft are just not as big as they were. And that creates problems if you're concentrated on that side of the market."