Square Enix has dropped an information bomb on the future of Final Fantasy 16. The immediate news is that patch 1.10 is available to download now on PS5, with the update adding alternate outfits for main characters, and the ability to change the look of Clive's sword (without changing its stats).

Final Fantasy 16 Patch 1.10 Outfits
Image: Push Square

The patch also makes some gameplay adjustments based on player feedback. The most notable of these changes include faster activation for Eikonic abilities after a successful parry, and aerial combos against smaller enemies have been made easier to execute. Cooldown details have been added to ability descriptions as well, so you can finally see the combat math at a glance.

But that's not all! In a quick video update, producer Naoki Yoshida confirms that two paid DLCs for Final Fantasy 16 are now in development. We don't know how big these DLCs will be — we assume that they'll basically be expansions of some kind — but Yoshida does say "people wanted to see more of Valisthea's story, and spend more time with her inhabitants".

What's more, Yoshida reveals that a PC port is officially happening, and that more information on both the DLCs and the aforementioned port will be coming before the year is out.

It's a rather exciting time for fans of Final Fantasy 16, then. Will you be rejoining Clive on his journey for the sake of this patch? What do you think of these DLC plans? Pick your favourite sword in the comments section below.

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