Sony and developer Arrowhead have given us a fresh look at gameplay for the upcoming co-op shooter, Helldivers 2. More than that, the video provides us with a release date — it's heading to PS5 and PC on 8th February, 2024.

The gameplay shows a squad dropping down to an alien planet that's crawling with alien creatures. As if that wasn't bad enough, a huge Bile Titan shows up to spew liquid death on the troops. It looks like cooperation will truly be the key to victory here; one example shows one player firing explosives at the Bile Titan while another player reloads the weapon. And, of course, friendly fire is on, so you'll need to communicate effectively with your teammates.

To us, it looks like it'll be a blast with friends in a similar way to something like EDF or Zombie Army. There's maybe a little more strategising to consider here, but if you're into those horde-blasting co-op games, this should be up your street.

We're certainly interested, but how about you? Are you joining the ranks of Helldivers 2? Enlist in the comments section below.