Helldivers 2 PS5 PC

Sony has now confirmed upcoming PS5 console exclusive Helldivers 2 will be part of today's State of Play livestream. A new tweet from the platform holder says we'll see "a new slice of Helldivers 2 gameplay" alongside indie titles, third-party experiences, and PSVR2 games. The PS5, PC game has been rumoured for an October 2023 launch; this release date may be confirmed too during the presentation.

It was previously said that today's State of Play livestream would focus on "indie and third-party titles from around the world", so Helldivers 2 is an example of something that'll buck the focus, as the game out of Arrowhead Studios will be published under the first-party PlayStation Studios branding.

Are you looking forward to seeing more from Helldivers 2? Suggest a release date in the comments below.

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