Cygames hosted a special Japanese livestream for its upcoming Granblue Fantasy games earlier today, showcasing gameplay from both Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising (out in November) and Granblue Fantasy: Relink (out in February). The broadcast, which lasted over an hour (and can be watched with English subtitles), starts off with Versus, detailing the fighter's new characters, certain gameplay mechanics, and the title's wonderfully daft Fall Guys-esque platforming minigame, which can be played online.

The stream also reveals that Versus' first DLC pass will include a whopping six additional characters. Fans familiar with the original Granblue mobile game will be eager to see who makes the cut.

And then it's onto Relink; this segment begins around the 40:43 mark, and it's packed with new gameplay footage. We get to see more of the action RPG's main story, a bit of exploration, and then some live mission gameplay, with the panel's four hosts playing together. Missions can be played offline with CPU party members, or you can hop online with up to three other people.

We think Relink continues to look great, but are you looking forward to the big Granblue Fantasy push on PS5 and PS4 over the coming months? Unlock your favourite characters in the comments section below.