It’s a new year with a fresh football season underway, so that means Football Manager 2024 is imminent. While the series notoriously skipped PlayStation platforms for several years, last year saw the Sports Interactive spreadsheet simulator release on the PS5 – and the latest instalment will continue that trend from 6th November. In fact, the developer’s even incorporating DualSense features for this year’s game.

The press release explains: “New features empower you to stamp your style, shape a title-winning culture, and inspire your players on the biggest stages. Benefit from bespoke adaptation for the DualSense controller, using new tactical innovations to boost your team’s performances.” That’s a bit of an ambiguous statement, isn’t it? Less vague is confirmation that PS Plus subscribers will be eligible for a 10 per cent discount on all PS Store pre-orders.

In terms of the game itself, you’ll be able to transfer your save from Football Manager 2023, and there’ll be new training pitch tools which you can use to “evolve your Wonderkids from prospects to world-class talents”. Obviously, there’s a good chance you’ll know whether this game already appeals to you – for a large chunk of the world, it’s effectively video game crack – but there’s a trailer embedded above to help introduce this year’s game.