Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Sales

Square Enix has revealed that its Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series has surpassed a fairly impressive 3 million sales. Now, it's worth pointing out that this is a combined total of all six remasters, as each game can be bought separately. And just to recap, the original Final Fantasy through to Final Fantasy 6 were given the Pixel Remaster treatment. All of the touched-up titles were released on PS4 back in February.

We can't help but think it would have been interesting to compare sales of individual Pixel Remasters, though. We're left wondering which game has proven to be the most popular choice, and how well the full set has sold, despite being a particularly expensive option.

Did you buy any of the Pixel Remasters? Do you have a favourite Final Fantasy game among them? Feel free to hum the Final Fantasy 6 theme tune in the comments section below.