Final Fantasy VII Remake PS5 PS4 PlayStation

Final Fantasy VII Remake and its standalone expansion/upgrade, Integrade, have together crossed an impressive sales milestone, with Square Enix announcing that more than seven million copies have been sold worldwide.

This figure compiles physical and digital editions of the game across both PlayStation and PC. Square Enix is notoriously tough to read regarding sales expectations, as we were recently reminded with Final Fantasy XVI, which was described as doing "fine" at 3 million copies sold. The Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters notched up another 3 million units, admittedly across a much larger swathe of platforms.

Analyst Daniel Ahmed notes that the original PS1 version managed 9.8 million before being re-released on other platforms but that the changing nature of game distribution makes this all difficult to parse. Recall that Final Fantasy VII Remake was available as a PlayStation Plus Premium title back in March 2021, which makes things slightly murkier and brings up repressed memories of that painful upgrade debacle.

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