Square Enix hosted a Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth stage presentation at Tokyo Game Show overnight, providing over 30 whole minutes of raw gameplay footage from the upcoming sequel. Most of said gameplay gives us a good look at a very open area called the Grasslands — the countryside beyond Midgar's borders.

The footage starts around the 29 minute mark in the video above, showcasing exploration, chocobo catching, combat, and a task that's served up by that little creep Chadley. There's also confirmation of a card minigame called Queen's Blood, and even a piano-playing minigame where Cloud can belt out a few tunes.

Rebirth is starting to look like a brilliant sequel. It seems to be building on everything Remake got right, while giving us more combat and exploration. It's certainly got the aura of a blockbuster as its 29th February release date looms on the horizon.

How do you think Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is looking? Be carful swinging that buster sword about in the comments section below.

[source youtube.com, via gematsu.com]