Delete PlayStation Account Search Traffic Rockets Following Alleged Security Breach 1
Image: Push Square

Google Trends data has a registered a 277 per cent increase in “delete PlayStation account” searches following an alleged data breach earlier this week. A ransomware group claimed to have “successfully compromised all of Sony’s systems”, with the stolen data purportedly up for sale. The Japanese giant has responded by insisting it’s investigating the situation.

But despite there being no confirmation of a leak, it seems concerned customers are already taking steps to protect their personal security, with the aforementioned search data suggesting many gamers are eager to close their accounts in the aftermath. While a 277 per cent increase in search traffic does seem alarming, it’s worth noting we don’t know how many queries this data actually entails.

Sony obviously was put through the wringer over a decade ago, when a PSN data breach saw its entire online network brought offline. This prompted the organisation to make a number of goodwill gestures, including offering free security support and several games as compensation. Unsurprisingly, it also beefed up its security behind-the-scenes.