Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Update PS5
Image: Push Square

Good news, everyone: Cyberpunk 2077's massive 2.0 update releases on the 21st September, which means that you'll have five days to get cracking on a new playthrough before Phantom Liberty launches on the 26th September. Well, okay, you might not be able to get that far into the game in just five days, but remember that you can start Phantom Liberty as soon as you get through the Pacifica chapter of the main story.

If you're sat there wondering why we're mentioning a brand new playthrough of the open world RPG, it's because patch 2.0 is a genuine game-changer. It makes fundamental adjustments to how Cyberpunk 2077 plays by introducing some entirely new systems and completely overhauling others.

For the sake of a very quick recap, these are the 2.0 highlights, as per CDPR's own overview:

  • Redesigned skill trees and perks
  • Revamped cyberware and new capacity system
  • Vehicle combat and car chases
  • Combat AI improvements
  • New police system
  • UI and UX improvements
  • Loot, items, and crafting changes
  • New radio stations
  • And much more

Just to clarify, your existing saves will work with 2.0, but you'll have to redistribute things like your ability points, and you'll obviously have to adjust to all of the gameplay changes.

Will you be playing Cyberpunk 2077 when 2.0 drops? What are you most excited for with regards to the update? Take the bus back to Night City in the comments section below.