Paleo Pines is a cute and quirky farming sim, eschewing traditionally warm-blooded livestock in favour of cold-blooded dinosaurs. It could be a refreshing change of pace (or a tragedy waiting to happen), and it's out today on PS5 and PS4.

Those looking for the "perfect blend of Jurrasic World Evolution, Ocarina of Time, and Stardew Valley" (GamesRadar) might find their next big time sink here or a pleasant palate-cleanser between larger releases. Players can look forward to rearing clutches of friendly dinosaurs, living and working alongside these absurd-looking beasts, but remaining ever watchful. If Michael Crichton taught us anything, even the cute ones can rampage at the drop of a hat.

What do you think of Paleo Pines? Are you willing to tempt fate in the name of science? Plant your honest takes in the fertile soil of the comments section below.