Cities Skylines 2

Prospective city planners, we have a bit of bad news for you. Paradox Interactive has announced a delay to its upcoming city sim sequel, Cities: Skylines 2. The console versions, which of course includes PS5, have been pushed back to Spring 2024. The PC version is still on schedule for 24th October, 2023.

Sharing the update on its forums, Paradox says the team realised it needed "more time to reach the quality targets" it has for the console release. "As we want to provide the best experience for our players, we are updating the release window for Xbox and PS5 to Spring 2024," the statement reads. "The additional time allows us to focus on matching the quality and performance across all platforms."

It's always a slight shame to see delays, but given how jam-packed the next month or two are with game releases, this could potentially come as some relief. While Cities: Skylines 2 is still launching in October for PC, PS5 players in particular might appreciate the breathing room; that original date would've put it bang in the middle of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and Alan Wake 2, for starters.

Anyway, it's now due out in the spring of next year, and it sounds like it'll be a better experience for it. Are you excited to play Cities: Skylines 2 on PS5? Tell us in the comments section below.

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