We knew Call of the Wild: The Angler was heading to PS5 and PS4 at some point, but it turns out it was quietly launched last week. Yes, the open world fishing sim is now available on consoles, arriving back on 30th August, and frankly, we only just noticed.

It's available in two editions, with an add-on and a season pass also up for purchase. Whichever version reels you in, it looks like this should be a pretty good, and pretty chill, fishing simulator. The game lets you loose in large maps full of varied lakes and rivers, with a wide range of fish to catch using your customised rod and other gear. You can either play solo or go online and play co-op with some pals, and the cherry on top is full cross-play support.

Have you been playing Call of the Wild: The Angler on PS5 and PS4? Had its release passed you by as well? Wade into the comments section below.