The new NFL season got underway overnight with the Detroit Lions narrowly edging out perennial favourites the Kansas City Chiefs, but if you have no interest in an American football simulator like Madden NFL 24, you may want to sit tight for Wild Card Football, which is due out on PS5 and PS4 in October.

As the video, narrated by ESPN’s Chris Berman, illustrates, this game is all about chaotic arcade rules – or no-rules, if we’re being specific. A card system will allow you to impede your opponent or buff your own performance, forcing your rivals to rush on an important fourth and long – or even earn extra points for a field goal.

In addition to all this, game-changing Wild Cards will completely turn the tide of games, allowing your running back to grow to the size of a giant and bust through stubborn defences – or even enabling you to pound the ground. This is definitely a different type of NFL game to what we’ve had on PlayStation in quite some time, and if we’re honest, we’re looking forward to the throwback sports action.