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The hook with the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro is not only that it’s an outstanding multipurpose device, from phone to full-scale camera – but it also has the power to run modern console games natively. That includes the likes of Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, a release originally funded by Sony, as well as Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

“It is like the everything you love and depend on, your device, your phototaking, your memory capturing, and now it's a powerhouse game console, but one that is in your pocket that you can take anywhere, game over different wireless networks, game on different titles, different ways that you get,” said Apple marketing bigwig Kaiann Drance in an interview with IGN. “I mean, it's remarkable how it all comes together.”

GPU software executive Jeremy Sandmel added: “I think they say the best game console is the one you have with you. It's going to be the best game console.”

To be fair to Sandmel, he likely made this comment tongue in cheek, but obviously the context is lost in a text interview. And platform architecture honcho Tim Millet did clarify: “I think we're focused on the developers and the titles in the games. Less on trying to compete with consoles. I think console is just a convenient way for us to talk about the classic games and the types of games and developers that we're targeting, the ones who have been successful in deploying there.”

So in other words, Apple doesn’t really consider the iPhone 15 Pro a competitor to the PS5 and PS4, but it does see developers who historically ship PlayStation games as potential targets to port their products to the device.

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