Capcom has provided an update on Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy, a remastered collection of the second trilogy of games in the franchise. With the above new trailer, we've had more details on what to expect from the collection, as well as its release date. It'll be fighting for justice on PS4 on 25th January, 2024. The games releasing in Q1 2024 are really adding up.

Anyway, this game comprises remastered versions of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice. You'll be able to play all three games in their entirety with enhanced visuals, hunting down clues and finding contradictions in the courtroom. Additionally, DLC chapters Turnabout Reclaimed and Turnabout Time Traveler will be included.

There are plenty of extras on top, too. You'll be able to dress the main characters in various unlocked outfits; you can listen to music tracks, including some orchestral arrangements; a huge art library contains lots of BTS artwork and original illustrations; and an animation studio lets you screw around and make your own custom animations.

Furthermore, there are six additional languages β€” Japanese, French, German, Korean, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese β€” and a Story mode, which essentially plays the game for you, if you want to just enjoy the narrative.

It's pretty well packed, then. Are you excited to play Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy? Present your evidence in the comments section below.