Mineko's Night Market is a gorgeous little indie on the way to PlayStation platforms next month, and we can't wait to finally sink our claws in on 26th October. There's even a physical edition for collectors, and we got another look at this whimsical celebration of Japanese culture and cats in action.

We've been anticipating this feline caper for some time now and can't believe it's almost here. While there's certainly some Stardew Valley sentiment, the gameplay here seems more like Moonlighter, except full of incredible minigames and, of course, the cats themselves. Players will gather resources and craft cat-themed trinkets to be sold at the weekly Night Market for fun and profit.

What do you think of Mineko's Night Market? Was this one on your radar? Craft some cat-themed trinkets and set up shop in the comments section below.

[source youtube.com, via minekosmarket.com]