The final content update for Sonic Frontiers is available now on PS5, PS4, and it's one of the most important of the lot, making Sonic the Hedgehog's side-kicks Amy, Knuckles, and Tails all playable. As part of an additional narrative timed before the final battle on Ouranos Island, the three characters search for Chaos Emeralds to help the blue blur.

Meanwhile, he's "converting the Cyber Corruption into a vast, previously untapped power source" with the help of Sage and Dr. Eggmnan. You can see all of this and more in action in the trailer above. The Final Horizon update arrives as a free patch for the base game, weighing in at just under 14GB. To access it, you'll need to reach Ouranos Island and go through a portal there. An in-game message should tell you it's available.

This is the final free content update for Sonic Frontiers, with past drops including more challenge modes, a jukebox, a photo mode, new Koco, open zone challenges, and stuff to celebrate Sonic's birthday. With bespoke abilities and mechanics attached to Amy, Knuckles, and Tails, though, The Final Horizon very much appears to be the biggest of the lot, even introducing a new story. And while it is a completely separate game, Sonic Superstars will continue the hedgehog's hot streak next month on PS5, PS4.

Are you heading back to Sonic Frontiers to check out these new playable characters and the story to go with them? Go and find a Chaos Emerald in the comments below.