NIS America has announced it's remastering the Nintendo 3DS RPG The Legend of Legacy for PS5 and PS4, with a view to release the enhanced version early next year. Catch the trailer above to see it in action. Details covering how the RPG will run better on Sony's consoles or any resolution upgrades haven't been shared.

Officially called The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered, there'll be a digital version available on the PS Store and limited physical copies can be sourced from the NIS America website from 12pm BST this Friday for $79.99.

"Discovered ten years ago, the island of Avalon is shrouded in mystery," a press release teases. "It is said the continent was forged by the gods and elementals, and is home to many fabled treasures with immense powers. Numerous brave souls have attempted to venture and investigate the lands of Avalon. Will you be next?" Taking control of seven different characters, you'll need to manage their destinies and desires while using battle formations and combat roles to beat enemies.

Upon its original release in 2015, the Nintendo 3DS version of The Legend of Legacy wasn't too hotly received, garnering a Metacritic rating of 67. Our sister site Nintendo Life was much more positive about the game, though, awarding it an 8/10 rating and concluding: "The Legend of Legacy plays like a love letter to JRPGs, and just how much you enjoy it will hinge on what it is you love about the genre."

Will you pencil in a playthrough on PS5, PS4? Await your turn in the comments below.