Those pining for SEGA's long dormant series, Jet Set Radio, should definitely have Bomb Rush Cyberfunk on their radar. Developed by indie dev Team Reptile, this new game looks to be about as close to a new Jet Set as you can go without troubling SEGA's legal team. It's now available on Steam and Nintendo Switch, but a release on PS5 and PS4 is just around the corner.

The studio took to (sigh) X to point out the game's PS Store page is now live, meaning you can wishlist it ahead of release on 1st September, 2023:

If you're unfamiliar, this is a retro-styled action game in which you roam around large stages, engage in some Tony Hawk-esque, combo-building extreme sports, spray graffiti in cool spots, and face off against the cops. We've embedded the launch trailer above if you're curious.

While reviews from the media are scarce right now, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has been very warmly received on Steam. At just over 3,000 user reviews at the time of writing, the game sits at an Overwhelmingly Positive rating, with 98 per cent giving it the thumbs up. It appears to be a big hit with players, then, and to be fair, it's always looked promising.

Will you be playing Bomb Rush Cyberfunk on PS5 and PS4? Railgrind into the comments section below.

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