University tycoon title Two Point Campus will take inspiration from predecessor Two Point Hospital for its next expansion, with the aptly named Medical School DLC due out on 17th August for PS5 and PS4. “Two Point Campus: Medical School harkens back to the manic majesty of the original Two Point Hospital to bring a whole batch of new levels, new gameplay mechanics, and lots and lots of icky illnesses to treat,” the blurb reveals.

It continues: “We’ve added doctors and nurses as new student types, six new room types, and over 60 new items to help you diagnose and de-stress your patients. There’s the Head Clinic and its admittedly daunting Noggin’ Nabber, or the Psychiatry room and its much less threatening sofa. You’ll have plenty of returning illnesses to determine, like a classic case of ‘Brain Farts’ or ‘Lightheadedness’.”

We suppose the academic twist here is going to make this feel somewhat fresh, and it does sound like there are some fun new mechanics included. “If your patients’ health takes a nosedive, they may come back as ghosts to haunt the halls, forcing your already overworked janitorial staff to clean up the spooky (and sticky) mess,” the press release notes. The question is: are you in the mood for some more medical-themed management action? Diagnose your decision in the comments section below.