An unexpected fourth instalment in the Train Sim World franchise will coast to PlayStation consoles starting 26th September, as Dovetail Games has announced a sequel to its popular rail simulation series. The game – which promises a “train load of new features” – aims to leverage the creativity of players, by incorporating new photo mode and sandbox options.

Those who purchase the Deluxe Edition will be able to step into the virtual cockpit of the iconic Flying Scotsman, as part of the East Coast Main Line to Doncaster, which also features the high-speed Azuma train. The new game will also include Metrolink’s F125 out of Los Angeles Union Station, an all-new Austrian route, and an expansion to the popular Dresden-Riesa route.

“With all new train operators, all new trains, and even a new country, combined with significant new ways to play and enjoy your train collection, it’s really exciting to see how much control and creativity Train Sim World 4 is putting into the hands of players,” said executive producer Matt Peddlesden. “As an avid railfan myself I’m really excited for this release and I can’t wait to see what players do with it.”

The press release mentions the new game will feature controller haptics, which would be a first for the franchise, as well as further improvements to visuals, weather, and lighting. It sounds like all of the content from previous versions will transition to the new game, although we’d argue it is getting a little unnecessary how Dovetail is pushing out a whole new client seemingly every year now.

Nevertheless, we’re big locomotive fans and have been playing Train Sim World for years now, so we’ll no doubt be getting on board day one. Pre-orders are open now, but it’s worth reiterating that while the standard version only costs £39.99/$49.99, you’ll probably want to pay extra for the Deluxe Edition (£52.99/$69.99) in order to get that Flying Scotsman content.