If you've ever watched seasons one to four of The Walking Dead and wished certain things had panned out differently, GameMill Entertainment sure has a game for you. The Walking Dead: Destinies has just been announced, an official game based on the popular AMC series that lets you relive and rewrite iconic scenes.

Coming to PS5 and PS4 "soon", the above trailer gives us the gist of this title's core idea. It seems the game will be largely choice-driven, resulting in some totally different outcomes from certain scenes and fights from the show. There are some quick cuts of what looks like stealthy third-person action, too, though it's hard to ascertain how active a role you'll play. If we're being honest, the gameplay and animations here looks pretty rough, but we're sure it'll shape up better by the time it's out.

Still, it's an interesting idea that Walking Dead fans will be curious to try, we assume. What do you make of The Walking Dead: Destinies? Shuffle into the comments section below.

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