Tekken 8 got a bit of an information blowout during Gamescom Opening Night Live. The title's latest trailer confirms a whole bunch of returning characters, and lifts the curtain on a brand new single player mode that takes inspiration from the arcade scene. In it, you'll create your own cartoony avatar and fight your way to the top. It all takes place in a hub-like arcade centre, and AI learning will apparently be utilised to keep your battles interesting. Cool!

As for the aforementioned characters, the trailer reveals Dragunov, Shaheen, Steve Fox, Leo, Yoshimitsu, and Kuma. There launch roster will total 32 fighters, which lines up perfectly with recent leaks.

Oh, and Tekken 8 is launching on the 26th January, 2024 — just in case you missed it. Are you excited for The King of the Iron Fist Tournament's return? Hurry up and pick a main in the comments section below.