Dual Effect has announced it's developing a sequel to survival horror game Tormented Souls, slated to release on PS5 in 2024. Tormented Souls 2 brings back main character Caroline Walker to "stalk the halls of haunting monasteries and other nightmarish locations. Brace yourself to confront terrifying creatures armed only with makeshift weapons as you desperately try to rescue your cursed sister." Check out the reveal trailer above.

The sequel is set in a monastery located in a remote South American community named Puerto Miller. It once again brings back classic survival horror gameplay with puzzles and intense battles. "In a world where every shadow could conceal a unspeakable horror, you’ll need to pick your battles and carefully manage your scarce resources in order to survive," a press release says.

2021's PS5, PS4 game Tormented Souls was considered a hit amongst survival horror fans, so a second crack at the formula from Dual Effect should result in an even better game. What are your first impressions? Share them in the comments below.