While the Iron's Hot is a crafting adventure game, and it's coming to PS5 and PS4 on 9th November. We got a trailer showing off what a blacksmith's journey looks like in a world where every problem can be solved through metalworking.

In the tradition of Moonlighter and Potion Permit, players must walk the path of the smith, attempting to forge a new home in Stal, a former haven for such honest tradesmen. In ruins now, thanks to a mysterious disaster, it falls to you to rebuild Stal into a flourishing village through the power and majesty of your forge.

Key features of the game are listed as:

  • Forge, Smelt, Assemble – Master every step of the smithing process. Smelt ore and metal into ingots and shape them into useful parts. Grind each piece to perfection, then use your creativity, knowledge, and finely honed observation skills to assemble alloyed works of art.
  • Smith a Solution – In a land of artisans, you can forge your own key to almost any challenge. Repair machinery to open up pathways. Overcome puzzling environmental conundrums. Win over the isle’s most hardened personalities with your crafty smithing wiles.
  • Unearth a Whimsical Adventure – The land of Ellian is a bright, even a little mystical, world populated by charismatic and quirky characters. Explore tunnels with puzzles and resources, and embark on a combat-free journey to reforge the links of a world where crafting connects everything.
  • Discover the Island’s Secrets – Ellian is a land of creativity cloaked in mystery. Craft the equipment you need to venture out to new regions. Meet villages full of adept alchemists or skilled shipwrights, but take care—not everyone trusts that you have the best interests of Ellian at heart.
  • Rebuild a Legendary Smiths’ Village – Forge a new home in Stal, a former haven for blacksmiths, now in ruin following a mysterious disaster. Revitalize the village to upgrade your own capabilities, and prove to the artisans of Ellian you’re worthy of becoming a master blacksmith.

What do you think of While the Iron's Hot? An interesting diversion, or not your cup of tea? Let us know in the comments section below.

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