Natsume's NES classic is being remade and published in the form of Shadow of the Ninja Reborn in the West, and it's coming to PS5 and PS4 in 2024. We got a new gameplay trailer showing off the game's stunning pixel art in glorious motion.

Originally released as Shadow of the Ninja in North America and Blue Shadows in Europe, this stunning 16-bit style remake offers two-player cooperative gameplay, just like the 1990 original. Developed by Tengo Project, Shadow of the Ninja Reborn will be published by ININ in the West (known as KAGE Shadow of the Ninja in Japan).

Key features include:

  • Legendary Two-Player Simultaneous Action – The acclaimed 2D ninja action side-scroller with simultaneous two-player gameplay returns in this new remake. Choose between the male or female characters and work together to defeat challenging enemies.
  • Incredibly Detailed Pixel Art Quality – The commitment to the 16-bit-style pixel art that was so highly acclaimed in our previous title, Pocky & Rocky Reshrined, will be on display again in this latest release. Enjoy the carefully crafted pixel art as it brings the game to life!
  • Iku Mizutani Back on Board – Iku Mizutani, the star composer who helped create the iconic Natsume sound, is back on board! Mr Mizutani, who created the Natsume soundtrack for the original version of this title as well as the Shatterhand and Medarot series, has been confirmed for this new project. Classic gamers will find delight in his renowned guitar riffs and fast-paced 16-bit melodies!
  • Dynamic Production is Once Again Taking on the Visuals – As with the 90s original, the key visuals and character illustrations will be handled by Dynamic Production.

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