It's a warm, sleepy Wednesday at the time of writing, and SEGA's just dropped a highly energetic new trailer for its upcoming extraction shooter, Hyenas. Just to recap, this is the publisher's sci-fi first-person shooter that has teams of players competing to steal a bunch of merch from big evil corporations. You'll get the gist of it by watching this new video, anyway, which remixes The Blue Danube as Strauss II would've wanted.

Anyway, the trailer shows off some anti-gravity firefights, plenty of foam gun shenanigans, and a race to obtain Sonic the Hedgehog figurines. The action looks pretty frantic and we're sure there'll be a degree of tactical depth in play here, but it's one of those games we need to play to fully understand.

Speaking of which, we did get our hands on an earlier version of Hyenas last year, and came away a little baffled by it. If you have a PC handy, a closed beta is on the horizon via Steam, but there's no release date for the finished game as yet.

Are you interested in Hyenas? Are you interested in hyenas? Tell us which you'd rather spend time with in the comments section below.