Immortals Fenyx Rising 2 Wind Waker Elden Ring
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Last month, it was reported that Ubisoft had cancelled its plans for an Immortals Fenyx Rising sequel, and just to rub salt in that recently opened wound, a fresh article from Axios paints the picture of an incredibly intriguing project. At least, on paper.

The article namedrops two beloved games as supposed inspiration for the canned follow-up: Elden Ring and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Immortals 2 would apparently have players sailing between islands, and a lack of big old objective markers would encourage wannabe heroes to find their own way through the open world.

Already sounds good, doesn't it? Well, it gets better. Reportedly, the sequel was set to drop the narrated storytelling of the first game and have players spend less time solving puzzles. Both of these elements divided opinion in the original Immortals. What's more, the plot would apparently hinge quite heavily on player choice — with decisions impacting the setting itself — and you would once again be able to create your own character.

Immortals 2 is portrayed as a much more ambitious undertaking overall, complete with a more "realistic" art direction — and all of this is apparently why Ubisoft decided to can the project. The article, which is based on sources familiar with the game, goes on to explain that the French publisher had concerns regarding the cost of production. It also states that the eventual cancellation took the development team by surprise.

For what it's worth, it sounds like Immortals 2 wasn't that far along, so we'll never really know whether the game would have lived up to its potential. But you've got to admit, the pitch is pretty damn juicy.

What do you make of all this? Would you have been up for such a sequel? Dream about what could have been in the comments section below.

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