Has Sony Put Together the Worst PS Plus Month Ever? Reaction 1
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Sony has had some stinkers in the past, but it's handing itself an incredibly difficult job if it ever wants to top the PS Plus Essential lineup for September 2023. We've got a dreadful PS4 game in Generation Zero, a bang-average MMO in Black Desert, and a single decent open world experience in Saints Row. Compared to past efforts, it is a really poor selection. You could write it off as a misfire, but the optics go absolutely down the drain when the lineup is paired with the fact you might be paying extra for it.

Coupled with three lacking PS5, PS4 games is a significant price increase across all three PS Plus tiers: Essential, Extra, and Premium. If you're unaware, here's the breakdown:

Original Price New Price
PS Plus Essential £49.99 / $59.99 £59.99 / $79.99
PS Plus Extra £83.99 / $99.99 £99.99 / $134.99
PS Plus Premium £99.99 / $119.99 £119.99 / $159.99

Sony's reasoning for the price increase is the following: "This price adjustment will enable us to continue bringing high-quality games and value-added benefits to your PlayStation Plus subscription service." It then makes no mention at all of what those extra benefits to justify such a significant price increase might be. If you're a PS Plus Premium member and your subscription just so happens to expire next month, you will be paying an extra £20 / $40 for the pleasure of playing a PS4 title with a Metacritic rating of 45.

The poor lineup for September 2023 and the membership price increases would be bad enough on their own, but when they're put together and announced hand in hand: is this the worst PS Plus month ever?

We'd like to think — prior to this price hike, at least — that PS Plus Essential and PS Plus Extra members are satisfied with what they're getting. There's always a bit of quality in the three PS4, PS4 games for those on the base tier (and we do still consider Saints Row a good game for this month), and then PS Plus Extra subscribers get treated to a feast of fantastic titles — sometimes up to 20 all at once. That's incredible value, but it's now tainted by a £16 / $35 price hike.

Has Sony Put Together the Worst PS Plus Month Ever? Reaction 2

From next month, is PS Plus Extra still good value? Yes, it probably is, but the PS5 and PS4 games Sony chooses for the service will now be under the microscope more and face increased scrutiny — its users know the company has chosen those titles in the knowledge it's demanding more cash.

So, it goes back to PS Plus Premium: the membership tier constantly slated by Sony backers, and now it costs an extra £20 / $40. The past few months of game updates have been relegated to PS1 and PSP titles — there hasn't been a single new PS2 game since the service was refreshed — and the odd PS3 experience via streaming. Very rarely are you offered more than three games at once. It's bad value for money, and now Sony wants more of it.

Has Sony Put Together the Worst PS Plus Month Ever? Reaction 3
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Sony is free to adjust the pricing structure of its PS Plus service whenever and however it likes, but to announce such a significant increase without any justification or added benefits comes across poorly. Could it have gotten away with such a thing if it announced PS3 games could be downloaded and played natively? Probably. Could it have gotten away with such a thing if it revealed first-party games would be released on PS Plus Premium day and date? Certainly.

These aren't realistic propositions, but you can't simply come out and say "give us more money" without a reason. Let's hope there's another side to this coin Sony hasn't revealed yet that'll go at least some way to justifying its decision to hike PS Plus prices. Because, right now, Sony is asking for more money to play Generation Zero. We kind of can't get over that.

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Has Sony put together the worst PS Plus month ever? (3,517 votes)

  1. Yes, this the worst PS Plus month there's been41%
  2. It's up there, this is a really bad month39%
  3. I think it's a pretty average month for PS Plus Essential11%
  4. Not really, I don't think it's so bad4%
  5. Not at all, you're overreacting4%
  6. I don't know2%

Will you remain subscribed to PS Plus after the price increase? (3,265 votes)

  1. Yes, I'll still subscribe to PS Plus at my current tier29%
  2. Yes, but I'm going to drop a tier22%
  3. No, I'm letting my subscription lapse36%
  4. I don't know / I don't have PS Plus14%