The Ratatan team has announced it'll be hosting a celebratory livestream as the game's Kickstarter campaign comes to a close on 1st September 2023. The Patapon-inspired title has raised almost ten times its original pledge goal to secure 18 stretch targets — the campaign currently sits on £962,000 raised having initially asked for £108,000. The livestream will take place this Friday at 1pm BST / 5am PT / 8am ET.

During the event, Ratata Arts will share information concerning the title's "latest progress, future roadmap, appearances with special guests, fan participating events, and more". A press release then adds: "Mark your calendars for a fun-filled closing livestream event with the Ratatan creators and special guests, promising to be a fitting tribute to the passion and dedication that have brought the Ratatan universe to life."

Having met the requirements of 18 stretch goals, Ratatan will also ship with an online mode, a secret ending, additional languages, orchestrated music, and a hard mode. You can view the complete list of bonus features on the Kickstarter page. You can also still back the project and secure yourself some neat rewards like t-shirts and a physical version.