Just hours ago, social media influencer Kai Cenat caused something of a stir when his planned PS5 console giveaway devolved into a "full-blown riot". Cenat posted to his 6.5 million Twitch followers that he would be giving away 300 PS5s near New York City's anxiety-inducing Union Square station, one of the busiest places in Manhattan.

2000 PlayStation enthusiasts converged on the site, which quickly descended into anarchy. The out-of-control crowd of (allegedly) Millenials and Zoomers tore down barricades, climbed on top of grid-locked cars, and pelted responding NYPD officers with debris.

The resulting fracas was, of course, live-streamed from all angles, necessitating a "Level 4" mobilisation from police to get the situation under control. It took roughly 1000 officers tooled out in riot gear to restore order, and thankfully no major injuries have been reported. Six individuals have been detained in relation to the disturbance, including Kenat. CBS News reports that Kenat did not have a permit for the hastily arranged event.

We'll update this page as the situation develops.

[source cbsnews.com]