PS5, PS4's New Free Game Mixes Qix with Saucy Anime Ladies 1

Considering Sony’s notorious disdain for horny anime content, we’re a little surprised Celebrities Hacked has slipped through the net. This new free-to-play game available for both PS5 and PS4 is effectively a re-skin of arcade classic Qix, except in this instance you’ll slowly reveal an image of an interestingly proportioned anime waifu.

PS5, PS4's New Free Game Mixes Qix with Saucy Anime Ladies 2
Image: Push Square

There are a couple of “free” ladies to focus your attention on first, with several others available at £0.79/$0.99 a pop. Each character comes with three different levels, each adding a different picture to your growing gallery. There’s no Platinum Trophy, but you can technically earn all of the 11 included gongs without spending a penny.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first entry in the Hacked series: Cuties Hacked launched earlier in the year, and is effectively an identical experience – albeit with a slightly different art style and different characters to unlock. We reckon there’s going to be dozens of these titles unceremoniously dumped onto the PS Store over the coming months.